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Amber Kinetics

Flywheel energy storage

About Amber Kinetics

Amber Kinetics is developing reliable, low-cost flywheel storage systems for the electric power grid. They work with utilities and industrial organizations to integrate wind and solar into the grid as well as balance the variability of those renewable energy sources on the grid.


EEx Demonstration Project

Amber Kinetics will be partnering with a local utility and research facility to install a 100 kW (400 kWh) flywheel energy storage system. Hawaii has the highest percentage of grid-tied renewable energy, most of which is intermittent. Amber’s storage system will help the utility integrate variable solar generation, regulate local grid voltage & frequency, provide reactive power support, and prevent the circuit from auto-disconnecting from the grid due to solar saturation.

Amber Kinetics Flywheel Demonstration 


Meet the Amber Kinetics Team


Co-founder & CEO, Ed Chiao and Co-founder & CTO, Seth Sanders