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Tell me about the technology.

Bidgely is a pioneering demand-side energy analytics company. Bidgely works with utilities to better engage their customers and meet their demand-side management goals in a more flexible and cost effective manner. Based on a technology known as “Energy Disaggregation”, Bidgely breaks down whole house energy use into appliance-level insights; without the need of any plug level sensors in the house.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

Bidgely is working with Blue Planet Foundation and Hawaiian Electric to install Energy Monitors in Hawaii homes and provide the Bidgely web and mobile applications to residents. Specific applications may include may include right-sizing new photovoltaic systems, timing household energy use and electric vehicle charging to match PV output or shift load to non-peak times, educating customers about why bills may be high or fluctuating, and providing notifications for customers to participate in demand response. Through this real-time feedback online and on their mobile devices, a typical resident using Bidgely’s solution can reduce their electric bill by approximately 6%.

The demonstration project will evaluate the effectiveness of Bidgely to: 1) Demonstrate demand shifting capabilities; 2) Increase energy savings; 3) Reduce call center costs; and 4) Increase customer engagement.

Bidgely HomeBeat

Meet the Bidgely Team

Bidgely team

Head of Business Development, Prateek Chakravarty & Customer Success Associate, Preeth Kumar