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Bright Light Systems

Energy efficient lighting and automation
(DEMONSTRATION, Efficiency, Energy)

Tell me about their technology.

Bright Light Systems manufactures advanced lighting technology, integratingĀ it with wireless capabilities and an energy management platform to deliver up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market. Bright Light System’sĀ patent-pending luminaries take advantage of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology; a compact, electrode-less light source that delivers a 50% energy reduction over conventional lighting and offers a lamp lifetime of over 50,000 hours for high mast lighting applications. They couple their hardware solution with a cloud-based lighting management, monitoring, and reporting interface that achieves an additional 30% energy savings through intelligent control and scheduled dimming of the lights.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

Bright Light Systems is working with Australia’s largest container and general cargo port to install their high-mast lighting solution. This is Energy Excelerator’s first demonstration project outside of Hawaii.

Bright Light Systems completed a customer discovery project with the Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s airfield in Kaneohe. Through that project, they reduced lighting costs by over 50% and received excellent feedback from users as a result of the BLS system.

Meet the Bright Light Systems Team.

BLS team

Co-founder & CEO, Brad Lurie and Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, John Chalmers