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FreeWire Technologies

Mobile EV chargers
(DEMONSTRATION, Energy, Grid, Transportation)

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Tell me about their technology.

FreeWire is developing a scalable solution to address the challenges of a large-scale electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by building modular & distributed energy storage for commercial & industrial applications. On top of that hardware, FreeWire is developing an energy management application layer capable of aggregated peak shaving, load shaping, and demand response.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

FreeWire will demonstrate an advanced network of mobile (robotic) EV charging stations coupled with energy storage and grid integration in Hawaii. Their first product is an integrated EV charger and energy management system that uses second-life EV batteries as storage. The technology is a mobile Level 2 and 3 Fast Charger that mitigates the need for infrastructure and expensive trenching, allowing customers to quickly add EV charging capability.  FreeWire will be partnering with workplaces that use fleets of EVs, workplaces with EV drivers, hotels, and condos, to demonstrate their mobile charging solution.

Meet the FreeWire Team

FreeWire team

CEO, Arcady Sosinov & Chief Commercial Officer, Jawann Swislow