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Go Electric

Blinkless microgrids

Why do we love them?

Go Electric provides utilities with demand response services, and customers with uninterruptable power and peak load shaving. Their microgrid hardware and software has found great success in military applications – particularly a 3 MW microgrid in Hawaii – due to enhanced power reliability and cybersecurity, and they are now expanding into new commercial markets.

Tell me about the technology.

As the U.S. power grid infrastructure ages, and the demand for energy continues to rise, there is an increasing need for a more reliable, lower cost electric power transmission and distribution model. Go Electric aims to meet this need with LYNC DR, an energy services solution that seamlessly integrates customer meter energy resources, while also delivering energy services to the local utility and the customer.

Where are they based?

Anderson, IN

Meet the Go Electric Team


Business Development Director, Darrin Moorman and President & CEO, Lisa Laughner