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Ibis Networks

Plug-level visibility and control

About Ibis Networks

Ibis Networks enables commercial and government enterprises to cut their plug-load energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Originally developed for the U.S. Military, Ibis Networks’ enterprise-defined technology creates a secure, reliable, mobile, scalable, and centrally managed system that dramatically reduces energy consumption and extends electronics life with low up-front investment. Ibis’ solution compliments existing energy management systems by allowing for control and monitoring beyond the building, meter, and cubicle levels.

Ibis graduated from Go-to-market to Demonstration track in 2014.

EEx Demonstration Project

Ibis Networks is partnering with the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Energy to deploy over 1,000 Intelisockets and energy management systems across 3 university campuses. These sockets will monitor and control the energy usage of over 1,500 devices.

Read more about the project at UH News.

Meet the Ibis Networks Team


CEO, Michael Pfeffer