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Opus 12

Converts CO2 into 16 cost-competitive chemicals and fuels
(Energy, Fuels, GO-TO-MARKET)

Why do we love them?

Opus 12 is effectively turning trash to treasure, remaking CO2 into a useful product. Their electrochemical process – developed in the labs of Stanford – can turn CO2 into chemical products and fuels, such as syngas, ethylene, ethanol, and methane.

Tell me about the technology.

Opus 12’s reactor can transform CO2 emissions into 16 of the world’s highest-volume liquid fuels and chemicals in a single step and at a cost-competitive rate, with oxygen as the only by-product. The reactor can be connected to an existing coal plant, cement-manufacturing facility, oil refinery, or any other CO2-producing processes.

Where are they based?

Palo Alto, CA

Where did they get their start?

Stanford University, 2015