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People Power

Creating the smart home from your smartphone
(DEMONSTRATION, Efficiency, Energy)

Tell me about the technology.

People Power is a software company that develops software Agents and white-label apps for the Internet of Things. Their flagship app, Presence, turns your spare smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi video camera with motion detection. In addition to monitoring your home, Presence can also control devices and appliances in your home, allowing you to set simple yet powerful “if-then” rules across your devices. This includes monitoring and controlling appliance-level electricity consumption in your home. People Power offers the Fabrux Cloud Server and the Influx App Framework to manufacturers and service providers to connect and control new devices and create new smart home services that improve security, sustainability and save money.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

People Power deployed People Power’s energy efficiency solution in 600 homes on Oahu. Each home will received two energy-monitoring and controlling Monster plugs and access to People Power’s Presence Pro Energy app. Presence Pro Energy gave residents access to their energy consumption data, allowing them to set energy goals, and monitor their progress toward those goals via their smartphone or tablet. People Power is working with Hawaii Energy and Hawaiian Electric to integrate whole-home energy data.

Meet the People Power Team.

People Power team

CEO, Gene Wang & Director of Sales, Charlotte Band