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Prota Culture

Biodiesel & animal feed from food waste
(Agriculture, GO-TO-MARKET)

Tell me about their technology.

Prota Culture is a science-based bio-tech business that is pioneering the design, development and manufacturing of a sustainable insect-based production system to make local animal feed ingredients and biodiesel from organic wastes. This reduces the amount of land needed to produce renewable fuels, while preventing food waste from entering our landfills. Given enough food waste, one commercial BioPod™ produces as much protein from insects as an entire acre of land in California planted with soy. With these portable units, Prota Culture could disrupt a 50 million dollar food waste disposal market on Oahu while providing cheap, locally produced animal feed for poultry, fish and pigs making Hawai’i more self-reliant.

Where are they based?

Waimanalo, HI

Meet the ProtaCulture Team

ProtaCulture Team

Head of Product Design, Katharina Unger; Founder & CEO, Robert Olivier; and Head of Sales & Marketing, Karl Warkomski