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Rebound Technologies

Turning supermarket freezers into batteries
(Efficiency, Energy, GO-TO-MARKET)

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Tell me about their technology.

Rebound Technologies creates a tailored, low-temperature refrigeration cycle providing distributed energy storage and increased energy efficiency with a payback period below 3 years.

Rebound recently completed testing an IcePointâ„¢ demonstration unit at a Whole Foods near Denver, Colorado. Installed last Fall, the commercial prototype successfully provided 46,400 BTUs of low temperature refrigeration over the testing period while helping the Rebound team identify design and control revisions required for future systems. Check out their case study here.

Where are they based?

Boulder, CO

Meet the Rebound Team

Rebound team

Engineer, Luke Erickson; CEO & Co-founder, Kevin Davis; and CTO & Co-founder, Russell Muren