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Low cost, high performing wind power generation systems
(Energy, GO-TO-MARKET)

Why do we love them?

SheerWind’s INVELOX technology opens doors to markets not possible with traditional wind technology. With low cut-in speeds of approximately 2 mph and proven to safely function in populated areas, INVELOX improves reliability and allows wind power installations at close range to the end user. Currently, SheerWind and its partners have 15 projects across the USA, China, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Tell me about the technology.

SheerWind is an energy technology company that has developed INVELOX, an innovative wind power generation system that significantly outperforms traditional wind turbines. This unique, patented, funnel technology captures, concentrates, and accelerates wind energy. It delivers superior power output at reduced costs, 50 percent less operating and maintenance costs, and less than 2 cents/kWh for utility-scale generation.

Where are they based?

Chaska, MN