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Shifted Energy

Virtual power plant of electric water heaters

Shifted Energy
Tell me about their technology.

Shifted Energy is a demand response (DR) aggregator that develops, installs, maintains, and operates smart grid DR solutions that leverages the energy and thermal storage capacity of grid interactive water heaters (GIWH). Shifted’s solutions connects water heaters to smart systems allowing heaters to cycle on or off based on real time grid needs for increased or reduced aggregate power consumption. Cycling heaters on can absorb excess intermittent renewable power such as daytime PV production, as well as providing ancillary grid services such as frequency regulation. Shifted creates a unique software layer to add energy efficiency algorithms and systems to reduce participant energy bills.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

Shifted Energy is working with Hawaiian Electric as part of their Integrated Demand Response Portfolio (IDRP) and a project developer. They will commission a purpose built GIWH to be installed in up to 600 new or retrofit units and will collect operating data necessary to validate that these systems can meet the utility Grid Service Requirements. The project will help Hawaii integrate more renewable energy onto its islands’ grids. Shifted Energy was in the Energy Excelerator go-to-market program in 2014, and has now moved into the Demonstration Track.

Shifted Energy was a part of the 2014 Go-to-market cohort.

Shifted Energy

Meet the Shifted Energy Team

Shifted team

CEO, Olin Lagon