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Software platform that supports the entire solar workflow, from lead to financing
(DEMONSTRATION, Energy, Solar)

Why do we love them?

Sighten’s software does it all – and it’s easy to use. This has lead to impressive traction and lowered customer acquisition costs for distributed energy resource providers. Solar PV sales teams that could only produce a few proposals per day are able to produce 100+ per day using Sighten’s platform. Long term, we see Sighten as a growth engine for hardware companies across the new energy economy.

Tell me about the technology.

Sighten provides a comprehensive software toolset that encompasses the entire workflow for distributed generation (DG) solar. The feature set supports the multiple stakeholders involved in successful DG solar deployment: originators/installers, financiers, and homeowners/offtakers, among others. The platform has several modules, including sales, operations, and reporting, all available in a modular fashion with related APIs.

Where are they based?

San Francisco, CA

Meet the Sighten Team.


Product Manager, Evelyn Fisher and Co-founder & CEO, Conlan O’Leary