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Predictive analytics and energy storage

About Stem

Stem is a technology company that merges the power of predictive data analysis with intelligent energy storage to benefit business and utilities. For businesses, Stem drives down peak energy costs, predicts energy usage patterns, and deploys stored energy at precise times. For utilities, Stem provides a low-cost, flexible, dispatchable power to meet capacity challenges. This solution enables a higher penetration of renewable energy.

EEx Demonstration Project

Stem will deploy 1 MW of energy storage across 20 buildings in Honolulu, providing Hawaiian Electric with a distributed energy storage asset and allowing participating companies to save money on their electricity bills. This is Stem’s first deployment that demonstrates the system-wide benefits of their energy storage technology. It supports the transformation of Hawaii’s electricity grid from one dependent on fossil fuels to one that incorporates large amounts of solar and wind.

By using flexible hardware and intelligent software, Stem can simultaneously provide value to host customers and the power system simultaneously. The Stem Energy System is the next step for companies that want to reduce energy spending: 1) The system uses big data analytics and smart energy storage to reduce energy bills by up to 20%; 2) Store on-demand energy at your facility and optimize what you take from the grid to reduce demand charges; and 3) Companies stick to business as usual.

Featured in Greentech Media

Meet the Stem Team


VP of Hawaii Operations, Tad Glauthier