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T-REX Group

Valuation & risk analysis tools to unlock investment into renewable energy assets

Tell me about the technology.

T-REX transforms the financing and building of our world’s energy and infrastructure. Through its secure, enterprise SaaS platform, T-REX provides the valuation and risk analysis tools to unlock investment opportunities for hundreds of billions of dollars of capital to flow into renewable energy assets. Investors, asset managers, and developers are empowered to efficiently and transparently finance, securitize, and manage portfolios of renewable energy assets through the T-REX platform.

What should I know about their EEx Demonstration Project?

T-REX plans to implement their end-to-end solution on a portfolio of renewable assets in Hawaii or the Asia Pacific. The project will enable project owners, rating agencies and investors to evaluate structural alternatives and associated risks with each project, reducing the lag and inefficiency on deal structuring and result in far more renewable projects accessing the debt capital markets.

Where are they based?

New York, NY

Meet the T-REX Team.

T-REX team

Director of Global Operations, Torie Runzel and CEO, Benjamin Cohen