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One crop, multiple revenue streams
(Agriculture, DEMONSTRATION)

About TerViva

TerViva develops and commercializes new crops that grow sustainably on underproductive agriculture land. They are currently commercializing their first crop, a leguminous species of tree called pongamia. Similar to other nut trees, pongamia produces an annual harvest of pods containing seeds similar to soybeans. Pongamia seed oil is excellent for biofuel, and the seed cake is usable as animal feed. Pongamia’s advantage is that it can produce 8x more than soybeans per acre, using less water and fertilizers than most other crops.

EEx Demonstration Project

TerViva is establishing a 350-acre (25,000 trees), commercial scale pongamia orchard on Oahu’s north shore. They are partnering with landowners, farmers, and biofuel companies to grow pongamia and produce biofuel and seedcake.


Meet the TerViva Team

TerViva team

CFO, Sudhir Rani; Project Manager Will Kusch; and CEO, Naveen Sikka