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We fund cleantech startups.

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Meet our Two Tracks



We Invest $75,000

You Look Like

+ At least 2 founders
+ Innovative technology (working prototype) + Interest in expanding into Hawaii or Asia Pacific

Through Customer Discovery We

+ Validate your business model
+ Vet your go-to-market strategy
+ Support your next fundraise


We Invest Up to $1 Million

You Look Like

+ Robust team and technology
+ Base of existing customers
+ Compelling market traction or customer interest in Hawaii or Asia Pacific

Through A Demonstration Project We

+ Deploy your technology in Hawaii or Asia Pacific
+ Demonstrate your solution with key customers
+ Support your growth goals and next fundraise

The Key Benefits

Introductions to investors, corporates, and customers
Mentorship from industry leaders
A cohort of like-minded individuals driving toward the same goal
Energy Excelerator stamp of approval. Less than 5% of companies accepted
Add a major customer success milestone to your roadmap
Expand the geographic footprint of your company
Join the most exclusive cleantech community in the US
Press attention and invitations to exclusive industry events


Energy Excelerator

“Energy Excelerator was like a rocket for Autowatts.”
Alex Tiller | CEO, Autowatts

Energy Excelerator

“The best energy innovation startups work with Energy Excelerator.
No other program has the customer pipeline and funding EEx offers.”
Rachel Barge | Head of Growth, Yerdle

Energy Excelerator

“We absolutely wouldn’t be where we are today without the Energy
Excelerator program.”
John Carrington | CEO, Stem

Applications for our 2018 cohort open in Spring 2017

Got Questions?

How do I apply?

Get started by submitting some simple information at energyexcelerator.com/apply . We'll keep you in the loop regarding key dates and information needed to submit a strong application.

How does the funding work?

We award funding in the form of grants to your company between $75K on our Go-to-market Track and up to $1M on our Demonstration Track. Read the 2017 Cohort Applicant Package for all the details.

How does the Hawaii part work?

Every company we work with travels to Hawaii at least 3-4 times throughout the program. Additionally, we help you navigate the Hawaii and Asia Pacific markets by connecting you with customers and partners. You do not need to be based in Hawaii or have any current relationships in Hawaii to apply. We can provide the most value when applicants see strategic value in acquiring new customers in Hawaii or Asia Pacific.

What type of organization is Energy Excelerator?

Energy Excelerator is a non-profit program of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR). We are funded by the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, the State of Hawaii, General Electric, Hawaiian Electric Industries, and more. We are a unique organization and have been one of the most active funders of cleantech in the United States over the last 3 years.

What are my chances of being accepted into the EEx program?

The companies in our portfolio are the most innovative startups that align with our mission of changing the world, starting in Hawaii. We accept only 5% of applicants into our program.

What is expected of me if I am accepted?

We offer significant financial resources and a long-term commitment to helping our portfolio companies succeed. In return, we expect a high level of participation and collaboration. Specifically, we expect our portfolio companies to: 1) participate in all program activities with at least two team members, 2) donate 1-6% equity to Energy Excelerator for the services our team and program contributes to the success of your company, and 3) a program fee. This relationship ensures that our interests and commitments are aligned.

I have more questions!

The best way to learn everything about the Energy Excelerator program is by submitting your email below and reading the Applicant Package. If you have more questions, contact us at hello(at)energyexcelerator.com.

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